Saturday, November 22, 2008

The staff of life

Wheat is often called the staff of life. As a food storage item, wheat is ideal. But it is a good idea to have some general background information. There is an excellent article on wheat at:
Big Oven

We have stored wheat for years with excellent success. Recently, we have gone back to eating cracked wheat cereal for breakfast. We had been eating prepared store-bought breakfast cereal, but in the course of writing for this blog, I got disenchanted with breakfast cereal again, and we went back to cracked wheat (with some occasional oatmeal). One benefit is that I do not get hungry after an hour or so and it is certainly a lot cheaper. Although the price of wheat has risen dramatically over the years, it is still a lot less expensive than any of the prepared breakfast cereals. I like the cereal leftovers cold from the refrigerator. Although there are some who do not share my taste in cold mush. If you haven't tried cracked wheat, I would certainly recommend it.

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