Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Save money -- keep clean

We are so used to using commercially sold chemical cleaners, we often forget that common household substances can do the job equally as well at a small percentage of the cost. These common substances are powerful cleaning agents and should not be used without the same caution you would use with so-called powerful cleaning solutions. As an added bonus, these agents are all biodegradable and environmentally safe. There are hundreds of thousands of Websites with lists of the types of products. Here is one example.

As you can see lemon juice, baking soda, castile soap, Borax or Boric acid, white vinegar, washing soda, and cornstarch make up the majority of the ingredients.

White vinegar is the most amazing. We have been trying it lately, and it works as well or sometimes better than most of the commercial products and at about $3 a gallon it is a real bargain.

This is a situation where new isn't necessarily better. It may not seem much of savings to buy natural cleaning products over commercial brands, but once you begin the process of realizing that there are alternatives to expensive products your whole world may reorient itself into significant savings.

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